Zappos Running Experience

USER - Zappos Running Customer


To create a specialized online shopping experience for the top performing category on The overarching goal was to then replicate this personalized experience for all of the other top categories.


I worked on researching and sharing my experience with personalization. I did research into what an in-store experience for buying running shoes was vs online. I sketched, created mock-ups and functional prototypes. I set-up internal and online customer user testing to collect data, which helped highlight our strengths and weaknesses. I did a lot of research and work to create a comparision conponent to this experience, which currently doesn't exisit on, as well as how to incorporate a more personalized customer service experience than what is currently possible.



"I am a big fan of this! I was recently shopping for running shoes and I found myself jumping between websites to be able to find the shoe I needed and then coming back to order it on Zappos. I remember thinking why doesn’t Zappos have something like this but silly me it was in the works."


Initial prototype with customer service pop-up, responsive header and larger search results.

Content driven page layout design

Personalization carosel, which provides results based off personal answers given.

Search restructured for faster filtering and quick view added."

Results page based off of carosel questions and featured recommendations.


"Lisa has gone above and beyond to deliver a design, tools and processes for the Zappos Zero Running Experience. Her willingness to challenge the status quo are her courage to speak up when she feels passionate about a topic is greatly appreciated! Keep up the great work Lisa!!"

- Jeremy K - Project Manager - October 30, 2015


Search became a major compontent to the success of this personalized experience. Myself and my team spent my hours researching, documenting and refining the best way to get the user as close to a perfectly matched running shoe. Testing is still on-going with running as well as a few other catagories that other teams have begun working on based off of findings that came from this initiative. This became the testing ground for new innovative features and functionality.

A live version of the 'Zappos Concierge' is live and can be viewed here: