Gait Analyzer Application

DATE - JULY 2014
USER - Zappos Running Customer


Our team, which was a mix of UX, front-end, back-end, customer service reps and shoe buyers, saw the need to create a tool to help our running customer have a more in-store experience and provide a gait analysis via this custom built mobile application. We spent many days researching the in-store experience and built this app to allow customers to upload a video of themselves running in-order for trained customer service representatives to be able to detect their gait.


I went into 3 local running stores to learn more about the in-store gait analysis experience. I had never had my gait checked before. I felt confident with the advice that was given to me at each store. They all adviced that my gait was neutral and with that advice it then narrowed down my options for running shoes and helped me make a better and informed decision. This is key piece of confidence and education that was not provided to Zappos customers when purchasing running shoes.




Once the customers' gait was successfully analyzed the customer would then receive an Emailed educated recommendation for shoes that would work for their personalized running style.