I'm a well-rounded, multi-talented and enthusiastic UI/UX designer & developer with a strong creative background seeking to continually grow and flourish in a non-stop ever-changing world. I have has helped launch mobile apps and loyalty programs, been apart of large redesigns and top innovative strategies. I am a great teacher, mentor and communicator and I thrive in environments where people are excited to learn and grow.

When I'm not designing, I love being as far away from electronic devices as possible and getting outside to explore this big beautiful world of ours!

More of What I Love:

  • Running, Hiking, Swimming, CrossFit, Basketball, Soccer, Softball, Field Hockey & Snowboarding
  • Photography, Painting, Drawing & Crafting
  • Mac & Cheese, Coffee, Ice Cream & Salad bars
  • Rainy days & a Good Book, Learning Something New, Organizing & Observing
  • My Family

Please check out my latest resumé to view a detailed list of my latest work.




UX/UI Strategy & Design
User Research
Mobile/Web Design & Development
Brand Style Guides & Pattern Libraries
Loyalty Program Creation
Email Marketing

Brand strategy
Logo Design
Corporate Identity
Leading Design Teams
Social Media


"Lisa is an absolute joy to work with. I've had the good fortune to work with her in several capacities over the past four years, and in every scenario she has impressed me. Her positivity, work ethic, and open-mindedness have been a huge asset to every team on which she has worked. I've leaned on her several times in my career, and she's never let me down. She always leads by example, and any company would be lucky to get a chance to work with her."

Matt D - Product Manager at Zappos.com - January 26, 2016

"Lisa is one of the unsung heroes of Zappos. I've worked with Lisa off and on through my past 3 years at Zappos; on our VIP team, the Journey Team (authentication and PII frontend) and lots of side projects. Lisa is an out of the box thinker, she sees problems that exist before other people do and she finds easy to implement solutions. She's been a part of a number of during work and out of work (but still Zappos related) events and projects and has been a huge part in the innerworkings of Zappos culture and the events Zappos is a part of. As a frontend engineer, I've had the chance to unofficially mentor Lisa on new frontend technologies and her desire to learn is insatiable. Her UX and design concepts have always pushed me to be a better frontend engineer. Currently I'm working with Lisa on a side project internally that she started and has been driving. Her excitement for the project and desire to build something well has been a huge motivating factor for me to put extra time into the project. As a teammate, Lisa always makes sure the people on her team are in good spirits and goes to great lengths to create team spirit. Anyone who enjoys good energy will find Lisa a great addition to their team."

Chase A - Senior Front-End Developer at Zappos.com - March 24, 2015

"Lisa helped us out tremendously by modeling for us for a 6PM lookbook. She was a real trooper, coming out in the heat and the sun and helping a newer project look awesome. It definitely helps to build a positive team and family spirit when people from other departments offer their help for no personal gain, but just to be cool."

Alex M - 6PM Designer at Zappos.com - July 08, 2014